Thursday 27 November 2014

You Have A Choice When It Comes To Making Money

I know this sounds a bit harsh but if you want something in life you have to get up and take it..... you have to believe in it, go for it, don't take no for an answer and refuse to quit. This is truly the only way you're going to make money online!!

I spent allot of time on the internet methodically analyzing all kinds of Money Making ventures and programs that I thought was worth Looking into. I looked and tried allot of things before I found the right things that were right for me. And thats the first thing you have to do when it comes to making money online, you have to find a program that you're comfortable with.

There are no miracles when it comes to making money online and you can't expect to become a millionaire in a short while. (Unless you get a money making miracle you won't be driving around in your new Lamborghini for a few months or Building that Fancy House you've always wanted. At least not to start off with anyways.)

Working online is an excellent solution for many work at home Moms, Dads, students or simply people who are passionate about the Internet and want to make make money online and earn money off their websites.

When you read a program you are thinking about ordering:

* Ask yourself is this right for me, do I really want to do this

* Think it through Throughly, weigh the Pros and Cons

* Ask Yourself what kind of Budget do I have for this Money Venture

* Think about whats the worst that could happen if I fail

If you're sick of all the money-making scams on the web? If you're looking for an Honest Opportunity to make when it comes to Making Money Online, then this may be the most important Article you will ever find.

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Make Money From Home On The Internet

The creations of niche content website is become so popular nowadays that many people have displaced their day job with full time online making money venture. People think that the money making process starts once your website is created, and they are so wrong! Creating a website is only the mere beginning; the real job is to drive traffic and start seeing money rolling in.

Assuming you already have a website running for some time, the first thing you need to do to kick start your website promotion process is to do search engine submission. You could make use of the many traffic generator softwares being sold online or you can promote your website on your own by writing articles revolving round your niche and then redirecting readers to your blog at the end of the article. To some people, writing articles is a chore and they might not be too good at writing in the first place. However, it really is a great way to build traffic. You can submit your articles to many article directories, such as EzineArticles and eHow. Make sure that your articles are filled with good keywords so that you can rank high on search engine results. Do remember to include your website link in the article so that you will be simultaneously building back link and promoting your website.

If your running website is a blog using either Blogger or WordPress, you would naturally have a RSS feed. To gain more traffic, you submit the RSS address to too all major RSS feed directories, they help to regulate search engines find your website as well. Social networking sites also allow you to promote your website more ferociously. For instance, you can easily build an empire of virtual friends using Facebook and create a group for people who wish to follow you. In this way, your followers can get updated easily on your website.

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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Making Money Stress Free

If you are a business owner or have ever tried to make some real money you know one thing for sure, Making Money is never as easy as it seems. The truth is you can make Money stress free but you have to do something. We will get to that a bit later, but first why do so many find making money so stressful. There are many reasons why making money is stressful. Some of the major reasons why people have stress in their business can be avoided. One way to guarantee stress in your Making money venture is to be in one that takes all or too much of your time. Another is having unreliable help or coworkers. Third being in a business that makes no money. I know we all would avoid this but why are so many In this situation? If you are already in business this information will help you recognize and avoid some pitfalls, and help you on the road to stress free income. If you are thinking about making some money this will point you in the right direction and also help you avoid some serious pitfalls.

First lets break down the reason why so many find making money stressful. Many not making any money will not understand this. They may say as long as I am making money, I am happy! The problem is money is not everything. Think about it Why Do You Want Money is it not to help your family have the thing they need, enjoy the finer things in life, have money to do what you want. Well if you spend all or most of your time at your job how can you. Let look at this a little closer there is a link between money and time. Money can buy you time. Example if you have money you can get your cloths wash for you and eat out, and get your house cleaned. This frees up a lot of time you would have spent washing drying and folding cloths, cooking and cleaning in your home. Ask any Home Maker or Mother that a lot of time save due to having money. On the other hand if you spend all of your time Making money you will not have time to enjoy the thing money can buy. You can buy the boat, but you will not have time to take it down the river. This leads to big stress, especially if you are the bread winner because you have to keep making the money so the rest of your dependent can keep their lifestyle.

Another Huge stress creator in a business is having people working for you or coworker that are unreliable. This is why many say they don't work with family for they will take advantage of you. If you are in a business that is not making money You Will Be Stressed. This is because most get in to business to make money. The reasons for a money making venture not to make money is normally due to not enough planning, in the beginning, or things changed in the industry. Now this is enough on what causes stress in our ventures how can we have one that is stress free.

This is the biggest secret to Making Money Stress free. No it is not making money we have already explained why earlier. The truth is doing something YOU like to do. It is just that simple. Imaging what ever it is you enjoy doing find a way to get paid doing it or at working with people in that field. People doing what they like even if they don't make a lot of money in it are still happy. I know you want to Make money and be stress free. Well remember the other thing that bring s a lot of stress that is the time you spend at your business. If your business is what you like to do, you can spend all day at it and not be stressed. On the other had if you are not making money at your dream venture what can you do about it.

Well you can diversify that is to have more that one business. I know this may sound like more stress, but if your dream job isn't making ends meet you can work on a venture that will create residual income. Many successful people know about this Residual Income. Its like a cash cow today many are using the internet to do this and there are many programs but be careful some will take you and your money for a ride leaving you with nothing. I have found a few that work great and now I am doing what I want with no boss. If you are serious about making money with a stress free program you must have a plan that works. I will be glad to show you what worked for me.

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How to Make Money: Venture Into Raising Worms for Profit

There are a lot of ways to make money. But if you're already a gardener or a worm composter (by simply just raising and breeding worms for personal reasons), then raising worms for profit can be the best pitch for you. Having compost worms not just as pets can certainly help you make some money. You can consider selling these worms (whether these are red wiggler worms or European nightcrawlers) in its present condition or sell their organic by-product. You can certainly learn more about your options by reading more from this article.

Maintaining a worm farm can be used for several things. Your worms can even be feed to different kinds of fish (those that are kept in aquariums or ponds), and to other animals such as amphibians (turtles), and birds; or have these sold to different dealers (consider selling these to commercial breeders, aquariums, laboratories). But aside from that, worms can also be used as bait for fish (the bait that fishermen love using). Now raising fishing worms in this manner can also be be raised and bred for composting. Composting worms are actually capable of producing compost that is organic-made. This is called worm castings. You can also sell this as is.

Now if you haven't started with your worm farm yet, then it's not a problem. Anyone can engage into this kind of activity, even your kids! And starting one won't even cost you too much. It's easy to assemble and is very cheap to maintain. You can simply learn how to raise worms and start by acquiring a large compost bin. You can either buy one from a local hardware store or just recycle one of your plastic trash bins. Either way can work just as long as there's a cover/lid with it.

The next step here is to prepare the bedding materials for your worms. This should be organic bits and pieces, and should be moist all the way (should have the consistency of a wrung-out sponge). Your worms will be grateful for this, as they're dependent on being kept in moist surroundings (since they breathe through their skin). Keeping them in a dry worm bin can cause for them to die on the spot.

Besides that, also prepare your worms organic food (preferred ground, blended, or cut into tiny bite-size pieces). Whether you're raising worms for composting or raising worms for bait, the food source will always be the same. You can feed them scraps from your kitchen or yard, just as long as they're not the following (as these are much harder to breakdown and will only cause spoilage inside the bin): meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, citrus-based fruits and vegetables, as well as products that are oily, salty, and spicy.

The last step to completing this project is to put in your preferred worm type. Start out with a small supply. You no longer have to keep buying a new batch of worms since these slimy creatures will be able to double in numbers sooner or later (red wigglers or nightcrawlers are also recognized as prolific breeders).

Always remember that vermicomposting is a low-cost project. So when you hear about this, who wouldn't want to venture into raising worms for profit right away? It can pay so much given that it's been developed and maintained properly. Apart from that, raising worms for profit in the comforts of your own home is something that will be worth your time. It gives you the luxury of time to spend more with your family and friends.

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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Raising Money - Venture Capital Vs Angels Investment

Contrary to what you are seeing in the press with the credit crunch and looming recession there is simply too much money in the World at the moment; too much capital seeking too few investment opportunities. Remember the 1930s depression created more Millionaires than in any other era (ever) and now will be no different. A large amount of high net worth individuals are seeking to diversify their portfolios away from traditional investments as a defensive hedge against stock market volatility. Historically and in times of recession the two best investment classes that have outperformed traditional markets have been commodities and private equity. So if there is so much capital available in the world today, why is it so difficult to locate the capital you need?

The most probable answer to your question is that the amounts you are seeking are way too small to tempt Venture Capitalists or Hedge fund managers. After all it is relative. If a VC has tens of millions of pounds to invest into private equity why invest into 100 or 200 start-up companies? Who could possibly manage and foresee all of these investments and entrepreneurs? Its hard enough to manage one sometimes! So relatively speaking, investing in you would most-likely prove cost-prohibitive for them even though arguably they would receive more value overall.

The Hunt - VCs vs Angels 
Venture Capital firms are one way to raise a serious amount of capital but as you may imagine there are pitfalls. The main one being loss of equity far beyond the 51% mark. Further the final vote on 'the right of sale' will also most probably be a mandatory right for them. Since VCs main motivation is 'ROISAP' (return on investment soon as possible) VCs will always have a frantic desire to flip every deal as quickly as possible. And they will not care where that return comes from, yourself or an outside party as long as they receive a massive bonus for the risk and skill for what they have invested.

More appealing to an entrepreneur starting-up is to seek a business angel investor interested in the line of work you are involved in as they will either take an equity position and some level of debt (or typically a combination of the two) in exchange for their investment. They will also take a seat on your board of directors, which they will use as a platform to monitor their investment and to provide invaluable advice. Sometimes they can actually take an active role in the organization and get it kick started into high gear. This freedom can afford an organization the ability to swiftly hire key employees and develop its business model to the point where it is ready to seek larger scale, second-round financing at a much more reasonable cost-to-equity due to the proven track record within the organization.

Other benefits to the entrepreneur include access to the expertise and business networks that the angel investors may be involved with. In addition to this, the growing trend of angel investor syndicating means that an individual entrepreneur can raise significant capital (significantly above the £500K mark) in a single financing deal without the need to negotiate separately with each investor.

Health Warning: 
Venture capital money is not for the faint-hearted. Too often, it is only for the desperate - unless your desire is to build a business with an exit strategy in mind from day 1. There is nothing wrong with such a goal in the short term, as the returns can be staggering, but expect to make them many - many more millions than your side - that is if you even get that far. A great many other original creators have been squeezed out long before the 'D-day - big pay day'.

Angel investment therefore represents an invaluable source of alternative funding. And one that is far more attractive and realistic for a start-up entrepreneur. Benefits for both the Entrepreneur and the Angel can be great provided of course that the expectations are well drafted and thought out from day one and the funding agreement is structured to meet the demands of both sides.

The main difference between a business angel and a venture capitalist is that VC funding will come with legal agreements that will be inevitably always be Venture capitalist biased with terms that almost are utterly unfair and unjust, whereas, Angel investment will be far more flexible. It's not uncommon for some Angels to even shy away from using corporate solicitors when drafting agreements for funding. The reason being that if a high net worth individual should choose to invest in 8 - 10 companies, the total legal bill could turn out to be over £50,000.00 (assuming a lean estimation of £5K per company which is low!) - money that could be used to fund crucial working capital or further expansion.

Executive Summary 
Receiving successful venture capital funding can provide a lot more than just money to the start-up. They can bring a wealth of managerial talent and experience that can advise you on external growth and how to jump over major pitfalls.

This professional advice can be a massive boost for a young company looking for every competitive edge. Another major benefit of VC Capital is that their network of contacts could end up making all the difference in a successful exit (or not).

But always remember what being funded by a VC actually means. After they have invested millions into it and regardless of whether or not they actually hold a controlling interest in your company they will be in control of your organization and will have a lot of power over how the company runs and how they will get their money out. You will be forced to go down directions that you may not be too happy with.

The Plan 
More often then not, it's best for an entrepreneur to start up on their own or with the help of an Angel Investor (or syndicate if the investment requirement is too large to be funded by one individual). After running and evolving the business, the next best course of action is turn to VCs when you believe you are ready to take your company to the next level and will need a serious amount of capital to do so. Before even considering approaching a VC, you will have to demonstrate that you have a degree of success in your past, which is where the first round of your funding and management of your cash flow will come in handy.

When you do decide to approach venture capitalists and if by some miracle should they agree to back you, then it will be crucial on your part to seek-out the best legal advice that you can afford for the ensuing negotiations. One sentence or even a phrase within the initial contract can determine your success or failure. VCs are consummate professionals, and you will have to become one before playing in their league.

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Make Money Venturing Out With Your Own Business

There are many people these days who are not making the money they used to. Many of us have had our commissions reduced, our wages cut, hours cut at work or our full-time status reduced to a part-time or even on-call level. We have had our benefits cut or even have the same benefits cost much more now. Some of us have been laid off completely, while others just let go forever with the company closing their doors, as they cannot afford to operate anymore. It may be time to go out and start your own business to make money and survive on your own terms instead of being left at the will of a corporate decision to determine your fate.

If you think you have an idea that can make money and potentially grow into a business that you can sustain as well as keep yourself solvent in life, taking the risk today is not as big of a chance as it used to be. When the economy is rolling along and you are making big money in a secure position with a firm or company it is much harder to take risks like quitting your profitable job to try something that has an unknown element to it. But, in a world in which we currently live, risking a little time and money is not nearly as intense since jobs are not so secure these days, nor are they nearly as lucrative either. Many people are merely trying to last in their positions, hoping not to be the next budget cut at the end of the month.

To make money during a bad economy is sometimes easier for the small business or vendor since their overhead can be reduced quickly, and is reliant on one good business mind to make decisions instead of a slow moving board of supervisors or executives. Big companies do not move quickly enough sometimes and find themselves in the last gasps for life before they react to market changes.

Ultimately, to make money with your own business venture is something that can be one of great feeling of fulfillment as well as one that can be a more secure venture than staying with a company that is hanging on by a thread during the bad times. If you stay with a simple business plan and make the proper changes quickly when needed, you should have no problem having a profitable business on your hands.

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Monday 24 November 2014

Blog for Money Venture

Why should you spend all your waking moments just wondering if you can make it in a blog for money venture? Come on, all you need is to check if you have what it takes to succeed in this kind of business.

Simply ascertain whether this is the venture that motivates you. Ask yourself if it would be worth fighting tooth and nail to make it succeed. If deep down in your heart you are convinced then just set your eyes on the prize and go for it. One thing though, you will definitely need a few guidelines to make it work.

Focusing on your goals: Every good thing requires some steady input on what can make it happen. Do your homework and find out what most people like to read. You must set high standards for your blog, the likes that can go into Google or Yahoo.

It should be understood here that quality is the trademark of success. Your blog should be of a high standard with good content. It is what the readers will be looking for so in order to attract them and retain them, you cannot afford to host shoddy contributions in your blog.

If the content of your blog is of high quality and interesting to read, then rest assured that you will be in business. You should provide the readers with further links that lead to the comments and writes on your products. They should be finding those topics that keep them wanting to know more and they will keep coming back to check if you have posted great topics at regular intervals.

This is no mean feat and you will need to put in a great deal of hard work as well as determination to succeed and never giving up. This is the only way that you would be able to succeed in making money from blogs.

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Sunday 16 November 2014

The Right Way to Promote Your Business on Facebook

There are business owners out there today who either don't use Facebook as a strategy to increase traffic or are using it all wrong. In fact, they may be doing more harm than good! The main goal is to figure out how to promote your business on Facebook the right way. Today I'm going to share a few tips with you to help make this happen.

The Approach

Utilizing the right approach to promote your business on Facebook means you have to be respectful to your potential consumers. If you open up with a "hi" and immediately get aggressive with promoting your business, most people will be turned off by the approach. This is especially true if someone second guesses your claims and you become defensive or rude. If you take this approach, chances are they won't join in the fun and may even spread negative information about you.

In order to successfully promote your business on Facebook you have to spend the time building a relationship with your new Facebook friend. Those who are in multi-level marketing businesses love doing this, so for them this is an ideal situation. These people are generally social by nature, and thrive in these communities. But if you are simply looking to increase sales and not interested in engaging your customers, Facebook and other social networking sites may not be for you.

Keep your Friends Engaged

Now, everyone knows that when you promote your business on Facebook, one of the main reasons people will continue coming back to your profile is the fun and engaging information you provide. Many times it doesn't even have to be about your business initially. Instead maybe you want to provide entertaining material about yourself. Let individuals get to know you better as a person instead of a salesperson. This avenue can go a long way in building a trustworthy stature amongst your peers.

The Take Away

While the first two areas are helpful, it's the take away that will keep those potential consumers coming back. This is from the helpful and relevant information you provide through article and blog links uploaded to Facebook, the "What's on your Mind" section, as well as various other avenues. Just remember that the newer and more relevant the information is, the more it will appeal to everyone. Your goal here is to engage your readers. Give them things that help improve their lives or provide solutions to their problems, and you will have a loyal Facebook friend for life.

Utilizing the Extras

One thing you will come to realize is that there are several places to promote your business on Facebook. It's not just about the profiles, because there are games, photo applications, and group or fan establishments you can build for your business. When you have people joining the extras you will find that they are more interested in your business. Once you get to this point and see the positives from being able to promote your business on Facebook, it's up to you to close the deal.

Take it for a spin and see what you think. Just remember that this is a longer process that should be fun first and profitable later. Even if you do it in your spare time after working hard on other promotional avenues, you will see the results. In the end, if you're patient you will have success when you promote your business on Facebook.

Dr. Bob Clarke is an online marketing and branding expert who teaches his team of new and experienced entrepreneurs the secrets of selling anything to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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Saturday 15 November 2014

Using The Internet To Promote Your Business

Using the Internet and smart outsourcing in order to promote your business is by far the most modern way to promote your business. Once you as an advertiser are familiar with good simple methods of using the internet and smart outsourcing, you will be almost annoyed with yourself for not stumbling on this new way of using the internet and smart outsourcing to promote your business much sooner. There are so many ways of smart outsourcing to promote your business or service using the internet. And best of all, once you get the necessary skills as to using the internet, you soon appreciate how really inexpensive it is to promote your business online.

The practise of promoting a service or other business on the internet is commonly known as Internet Marketing. Your options as regards smart outsourcing and using the internet for marketing, are virtually (pardon the pun) endless.

It is advisable and very easy to learn the how to of using the internet or do any or all of the various aspects yourself, for your own business, or to have an assistant taught to promote your business online on your behalf.

On the other hand you may decide to hire an outside service provider to help to manage any or all of these operations in order to promote your business, so as to let you get on with whatever aspects of your business you know best, or in which you mostly prefer to involve yourself. This practise is know as outsourcing. Smart outsourcing is a great help to promote your business. Even so, for emergencies it is best practise to have some ability to get down and dirty, and learn a basic level of internet marketing skills yourself.

There are even a number of methods of outsourcing your various internet marketing jobs. It is firstly a good idea to decide on which abilities and skills are needed most in order to promote your business. Then work out which of those you are particularly good at and/or enjoy doing yourself. This is the best way to decide which jobs you should outsource. There are service providers every where you look on the internet with the ability that you require. Right across the internet there are numerous or more service providers that will be ready and willing to carry out any and all of the various necessary aspects of your internet marketing projects. Gone is the time when you had to slog away at every skill necessary for the internet business in order to be a success.

Once you get in on the act of true Internet Marketing you have the ability to go truly global with your service, and promote your business. Your business is then accessible to any person in the world with internet access. You will in time be able to decide on, develop and manage smart outsourcing contracts. Sometimes you will need to go out and find the various outsourcing contractors and sometimes you will find that they will find their way to you.

Another super advantage of going "online" to promote your business, is that your business is now up and running and using the internet 24 hours a day (or night for that matter), 365 days a year (sometimes 366). No matter what time it is with you, there are always other people getting up to a whole new day and using the internet. Always other people going online to look up information on any and every subject ever thought of.

When using the internet to promote your business online, you are taking your business into your prospects and clients homes. This is a great advantage over your competition not yet promoting their business on the internet. Come rain, hail sunshine or snow you can engage in using the internet to target your customers with equal vigor. You can promote your business of distributing bathroom fittings on a freezing cold December night to your customers who are in the comfort of their own homes while enjoying a mug of hot chocolate with their feet up in front of a roaring log fire while using the internet. In fact you can promote your own unique products or services to would be customers in any country or city or in fact anywhere the world over.

If you are undecided on the finalities of some new product you have the ability to interview thousands of people using the internet as to their preferences apropos your finished product design choices.

If you run your business also in a brick and mortar premises you can promote your business to your prospects, your soon to be customers, with sample viewings and information as regards your goods and services.

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Research - The Breakthrough To Winning Online Business Ideas Every Time

If you want to know why some people have consistent success with their online business ideas, while other seemingly good ideas fail miserably, the answer is research.

When you thoroughly research any online business ideas, before doing anything else, you increase the likelihood of their success by magnitudes. You absolutely must know that there is a demand for your product in order to ensure success at the outset and avoid putting money into an internet marketing venture which really has little or no chance of being successful.

If you were wanting to open a physical retail business, I'm sure that you would research the local area, find out what other businesses and competition there was, likely customer footfall etc and create a workable business plan, before investing in premises and stock and other set up costs. And, although the initial asset costs aren't as great. the same research is required for setting up a new online marketing business.

The reason for stressing this seemingly obvious fact, is that it's all too easy to get very enthusiastic about a new internet marketing business idea and then become somewhat blinkered as to it's true potential. This enthusiasm, or passion, is an essential part of creating a successful product, but it needs to be balanced with the two other keys to success, potential and profit.

If the results show that there is no significant potential market, then you can be sure that there is no significant profit, which means that, at best, you will be running your online business as a hobby and possibly an expensive hobby at that.

And this is where you have to be prepared to be totally objective when reviewing the results of your research. No matter how much you're impressed with your initial idea, or how much you think it should be successful, if the research suggests that it's unlikely to succeed, you need to avoid being so personally involved that you press on regardless. This always leads to wasting time, effort and money.

However, if you undertake the research and view the results completely objectively, you'll be taking the first step to joining the growing band of successful internet marketing entrepreneurs.

So, if you've got an online business idea that appeals to you and you want to find out if it has potential and is likely to make a profit, where do you start. Well, when you know what your market wants to buy, then you can sell them what they want. Most of all, people want something to fill a need and a good place to find out what they need is from forums and other social networking sites where people are asking questions and looking for answers.

If you find lots of questions that would be addressed by your intended product, then you're off to a good start. At the same time, do your own online search for similar products by typing a suitable product description into Google, and looking for a similar product appearing in the paid ads in the right hand side bar. If you find some there, and at least two is good, then you'll know that this is a market where people are already buying. A word of caution here, if you don't find any similar products, don't take this as a sign of an untapped market. It probably means that it's been tried and wasn't worth the effort.

The next place to start looking for confirmation of your product's saleability is a general keyword search. Imagine what your prospective customer will be looking for and what he or she will type into their search engine box. Make a note of half a dozen variations and use the various keyword tool sites available online to find out if people are searching for these terms. Two of the most useful free keyword tools are and the keywords tool at Google AdWords.

Google have the lion's share of the search market and Wordtracker have a significant chunk of that remaining, so, based on the keywords and phrases that you come up with, using these two keyword tools together, will give you a good idea of the potential of any online business ideas. Just note that the Google results are searches per month and Wordtracker's are searches per day.

Another good place to check out the size of the general market for your product is YouTube. Around half of search engine results are now video based and YouTube is the foremost video service. So if you search in YouTube with keyword topics relevant to your product, you should return some useful results. The most significant thing will be the total number of views. Allowing for the time that the video has been posted, this figure will confirm whether the your online business ideas are generally popular and, also whether you should include your own video as part of your marketing campaign.

These online investigations will give you the best indication of the market and potential of your product idea. Additionally, if your product is in eBook format, you can get still more validation from sites like, which publish ebooks for affiliates to sell. Just look for a similar product and check out the its sales statistics to confirm that it's popular.

And, it's easy to check out all the magazines and periodicals in the newsagents when you're buying your paper. Finding a magazine or a headline article relevant to your product is another good indicator of it's potential. Magazines only deal in articles that are popular, that's what sells the magazine and their advertising. And, given the right internet marketing techniques, which we'll look at in another article, that popularity will sell your product too.

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Friday 14 November 2014

Use a Pros and Cons Analysis to Choose the Right Business Idea

Most entrepreneurial types have a million business ideas, and under pressure they could come up with a million and one. The trick to a successful startup is picking the right one for the time, resources, and market available when you are ready to launch. Very few businesses fail because the idea is not viable, but a great many opportunities are missed because the entrepreneur doesn't take the time to evaluate the best idea to pursue given the circumstances.

Every startup requires time, money and hard work to succeed, but the road is much smoother if there is a sufficient, reachable market for your product. Every business idea should go through a cursory analysis before any significant resources are spent. A rudimentary pros and cons list can go a long way in eliminating bad business ideas and can give you a head start in developing the good ones.

The pros and cons of any new business idea should include, at a minimum, the following areas:


How much do you know about the actual operations of your business idea? How much effort is required to produce a single unit of your product? Do you have the skills to produce it yourself or will you partner up, hire experienced employees, or outsource the skills that you lack?


Is there a sufficient market to support your business idea? That is, are there enough people or businesses that will benefit from your product that marketing can be fairly broad? Or will you have to seek and find a very limited number of opportunities to sell? Is your idea a positive innovation on something people already use or will you have to introduce an entirely new concept to your market? Does your idea provide a greater benefit to your customers than the competition's products? Will that increased benefit be enough to draw your own market share? How will your product be distributed initially? Down the road?


How crowded is the industry you are entering? Are there a lot of big guns you will be competing with? How will you fit into the marketplace? Will you compete on quality, benefits, price or some other factor? And, will the market respond to those differences? Remember that competing on price is the most difficult, unless you have concocted an innovative way to produce for far less than anyone else. Where is the industry headed? Will your idea expand to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace?

Resource Needs

What do you estimate your startup will cost? Do you have access to enough cash to launch it on your own? Assume, worst-case, that finding outside funding will be there a way to modify your idea to make it affordable? Do you have the time to devote to your startup? Can you afford to work a few months without significant income? How much of your personal resources are you willing to risk?


Objectively consider whether the business idea will hold your attention and interest over time. If you are motivated purely by profit, but have no interest in the product itself, it will be difficult to stay motivated through the dark days of your startup...and there will be dark days. You don't necessarily have to love your business idea to succeed, but you need to find satisfaction in the day-to-day work. Somebody made millions from producing twist is doubtful that they adored the idea of twist ties before launching the business. More likely, they enjoyed the manufacturing and production industry in general, and saw a need for that particular item.

Path Forward

Write down every relevant factor you can think of related to your business idea and list out the pros and cons of each. Be as objective as possible about each aspect Talk to people about your idea and accept their input. Never be offended by negative responses, but try to dig for information that might improve on your original idea. Most of the time solid planning results in a far different venture than initially considered -- this is a good sign. The more you learn, the more you can refine your idea into one that is bound for success.

If you have multiple business ideas, list the pros and cons for each of them, then compare the outcomes. Begin your entrepreneurial career with the easiest option; you can always launch the other ideas later. In fact, a little experience in starting any size and type of business will probably reduce the cons of your other ideas by the time you get around to launching them.

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Who Loves Money? - Succeed With Affiliate Marketing Business

Do you intend to start an affiliate marketing business? You have been reading and researching about the subject, and now you are still not sure what to do? Well what am going to show you, is how to successfully get help and necessary skills to find your way out the intense competition of internet marketing. Starting an online business can be daunting and confusing due to the massive amount of information available online. You might be wondering, where do I start? Well, all you need is finding a good coach.

What can an Internet Marketing Coach do?

On the internet, you will find many self acclaimed gurus telling or selling web masters how to get rich rich quick techniques affiliate marketing. Therefore, many internet newbie's "feed" themselves with lots of information. As a result, they spend too much time thinking and fail to act due to information overload.

This is where an internet marketing coach comes in.

Not only will help you start your affiliate marketing from scratch, but She will help you to find the right and relevant information too. A credible internet marketing coach, will help you solve your internet marketing problems, help you choose the most important and specific actions that will only yield results quickly.

This is just part of what an internet marketing coach will show you:

She will show you techniques of how to making money online without spending a dime.

Leverage the advantage of the internet

What businesses are succeeding on the internet?

Should you sell a product or service?

How do you find a good internet marketing coach?

Check out her experience; don't go for her because she calls herself coach because it is the latest buzzword. Look for her history and background of who she is and why you should listen to her. You should note that, it is difficult, to find a good internet marketing coach at a reasonable price, because not many people do it. Some charge as much as $200 per hour. But you can get one for free or at a reasonable price.


I would recommend two super affiliates Kyle & Carson also known as "the wealthy affiliates". They started their online journey Over 4 years ago as struggling students in college. They barely had enough money to pay for their tuition, so they decided that they would try this "Internet thing" out and see if they could make a few bucks online. They earning over $20,000 within the first six months. They have personally coached and helped thousands create $2000 per day with no prior experience.

They are also the authors of who loves money, Beating AdWords and Inside the List Hot selling e-books.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you of the benefits a few of an internet marketing coach.

Will help you see affiliate marketing business ideas and opportunities and apply them effectively.

Will provide accountability which helps you to stay focused on your internet marketing business.

Will teach you how to tap into your potential and passion, hence increasing your affiliate marketing creativity.

Will help get focused on your internet business hence creating accountability?

The secret to starting an internet marketing business

No one ever got rich by sitting in a cubicle, but starting your own affiliate marketing business, is the surest way to your first million. These tips, tricks and inside strategies will help you get there. If you are dedicated to learning the correct techniques and are willing to put in the work, you WILL achieve your goals of making money online big-time!

Feeling more comfortable about building your affiliate internet business? So, if you are ready to build the best internet marketing business for yourself, well get started!!

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Thursday 13 November 2014

Internet Marketing Business Incubator and What Can it Do For You?

Internet Marketers starting out are generally individuals working from home or small home offices following their dreams to work for themselves and become financially independent.

They may have a day job, be unemployed, stay at home parents, students or just about anyone who has a dream to generate a passive source of income and be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

The major issue for Internet Marketers is lack of resources whether that be:

1) Time to work on or learn the necessary skills to run their business, 
2) Money to invest in website development and marketing requirements, 
3) Internet marketing specialist software packages, 
4) Planning and strategy knowledge and know-how to ensure the product or service they have chosen to create or promote has a large enough market potential to realize the projected ROI.

An Internet Marketing Business Incubator sets out to change the way the game is played for all Internet Marketers.

How Does It Work?

Lets be clear, an Internet Marketing Business Incubator is not a continuity program or a program that has monthly subscription fees, there are a lot of programs or system already available that people subscribe to and are granted access to certain methods, strategies and tools for these fees.

An Incubator is a safe community for birthing fresh, innovative new Internet Marketing Business Ideas. It provides access to software, business analysis, marketing expertise, skills training and even funding.

So who operates an incubator and what is in it for them? Typically an incubator will not ask for a monthly fee for participation but rather a different remuneration method to achieve their return on investment. This may vary from ownership equity positions in the business to a profit share arrangement for the life of the business or a set time period, or even a combination of both.

Depending on the amount of funding and time that is required to successfully evaluate and analyze the concept and develop marketing plans to create a sustainable business model or maintain operational funding; the Investment Model will change as will the amount of equity or profit share percentage and required payback period.

The Incubator will generally have a number of businesses they are working with simultaneously to develop new Internet Business Ideas so the incubator has an opportunity to cross-pollinate strategies and ideas to all these businesses.

This integral community of sharing serves to benefit not only the Incubators and their needs but the morphing and molding of these participating incubated businesses with the most innovative strategies and analysis horizontally as well.

Micro Venture Capitalism

In some ways the incubator acts as a Seed Capitalist or Angel Investor or Venture Capitalists with a twist. It is Micro Venture Capitalism where both parties work together, with their commonly agreed goals in mind to achieve the set ROI in the defined time periods by utilizing the funding, software tools, embedded knowledge and a co-operative, entrepreneurial spirit.

The Internet Marketing Business Incubator goes beyond the general Joint Venture arrangements or Syndicates that enable internet marketers to utilize each other's lists and to cross promote their products.

Why Join An Internet Marketing Business Incubator?

Access to a wide range of specialized software that may be too expensive for internet marketers to purchase individually but as per the licensing agreements of the software can be used in any online venture by the original purchaser if they have an interest that business.

Micro Venture Capitalism - funding to inject into the business to get it launched professionally to make the greatest impact and maximize success potential.

One on One Knowledge Transfer and Horizontal Market Creative Cross-Pollinization

Skill Training, Professional Business Acumen, Market Strategy and Analysis

Access to customer lists from both parties much like a JV partnership

Resource sharing - time, creativity, PLR products.

As all of the financial risk is typically borne by the Incubator and the participants share their innovative business ideas, a clear and detailed description of the business idea is required and both parties goals for revenue, profit, desired outcomes and trust are required.

Ultimately the goal of an Internet Marketing Business Incubator is to make the businesses capable of creating the passive income and profit desired and to enable bootstrapping of the business enabling future and continued operation, growth, income and everything this can provide.

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An Internet Marketing Business is Not All About Advertising

Sometimes having access to varieties of Internet marketing business ideas can help you become more successful. Here are a few things to consider as you look for ways to promote your business online.

1. Social networking is very helpful and can be a passive form of online marketing. To some extent marketing online is about building relationships and social networking is one way to go about.

Some of the common forms of social networking include blogging, social bookmarking, videos, online discussion forums, and even opt-in-email marketing.

An excellent ways to create a free blog is to visit WordPress or Blogger. YouTube is the largest video site on the internet. It is fascinating that Blogger and YouTube are both owned by Google which is the largest search engine in the world today.

Social networking enables you to get back links that can promote your site over and over again. Most social networking is free to sign up and only require time as opposed to money.

2. Consider choosing the right key words in any type of online marketing you do. If you are using article marketing you want to center on a specific problem that your reader has and base your article on a relevant keyword to your Internet marketing business.

Article marketing does not have to be hard; instead try and focus on helping your readers. You can write and submit quality blog posts of 200 to 300 words and still have a very nice article. A lot of article directories prefer longer articles of between 400 words or more which is still not difficult to write so long as you have a clear idea of the topic you are writing on.

Try and add things that are timely to help keep your content fresh and updated. You can get internet marketing business ideas for that on television, radio, newspapers as well as bookstores.

These are a few marketing ideas to help you become more successful in your internet marketing business.

Marketing online today is not all about advertising but about helping people. With the use of social networking and other marketing sites you can build relationship with people and relationship translates to sales.

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Carpet Cleaning Marketing Business Ideas, Learn How to Get More Clients Or Customers, Save Money!

In today's economy, it appears hard to get customers for businesses such as the carpet cleaning business. One good thing about the carpet cleaning business is that people will have no other choice than to have their carpet cleaned due to necessary cleanliness and other health related reasons, not to mention pets in the home. When you have an effective marketing system, you'll be able to learn effective ways to have your customers to call you.

When you can get your regular customers to keep coming back and bringing with them new customers, then you have a winner in a marketing system. One way of doing this is by taking advantage of every holiday or special days you can think of. Start a "Carpet Cleaning Club", where members get special discounts, especially on new referrals. Keep up with birthdays and anniversaries so you can offer a discount during those time periods.

One unique way that I always suggest as a marketing consultant, is to develop a letter writing system where you can stay in contact with your customer on a regular basis. In your letters you will include a $20.00 off "Carpet Bucks" coupon and if they are not ready for your service ask that they give it to a friend. Never miss on an opportunity to add new customers. Imagine your client receiving a well-written letter at Christmas time with a $20 or $40 "carpet buck" coupon inside. After the family gathering during Christmas, a need for carpet cleaning will be inevitable. You can develop a card file on each customer to keep their personal information such as birthdays, anniversaries, telephone, email, etc.

You can also promote your Carpet Cleaning business by placing small ads in small shopper newspapers in your local area. Have school kids to place mini-ad flyers under car windshield at grocery stores. Design a business card that is different from the normal cards. This card will be like a mini-ad instead of the normal business card.

By using a few different techniques that other carpet cleaner's haven't thought about, you'll get your carpet cleaning marketing business growing in less that 6 months without spending a lot of money.

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Flea Market Business Ideas

Flea markets are great retail marketplaces. Flea market vendors are in a marketplace where the customers have a made a predetermined decision to buy.

Unlike people in malls and people walking in the streets, flea market customers are more than just browsers. They are serious customers who have a trip to the flea market to buy products.

But just because flea market shoppers want to buy, does not mean that they will buy from you.

To make sure that they do buy from you, I have compiled some great flea market insider business ideas. Use these strategies and your flea market sales will go through the roof.

Flea Market Business Idea #1

Make your booth stand out. Flea market shoppers are surrounded by hundreds of flea market vendors. They start developing tunnel vision as they walk through the isles. You need to make your booth stand out so that shoppers will focus on your booth. One way is to use bright table cloths and a bright tent. Yellow and white are great colors since the sun will reflect on them and catch the attention of people.

Flea Market Business Idea #2

Flea market vendors need variety. Even if you have the world's lowest price on socks, your customers can only buy so many socks from you. If you want to increase your flea market sales you need to diversify your products. There is definitely a correlation between flea market sales and product variety.

Flea Market Business Idea #3

Professionalism is key. Just because you are selling at a flea market doesn't meant that you can drop your professionalism. Flea market shoppers want to be treated right. They will give their business to the most organized and polite flea market vendors. After all, who doesn't want to be treated well.

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Top 3 Internet Marketing Platforms

In order for any online business owner to get massive traffic and exposure to his/her business you need to use effective internet marketing business ideas, most importantly the best platforms. Here are the top 3 platforms for any online business owner to follow to get a higher ranking and to make their online business successful.

1- Article Marketing: Article writing is a very effective online marketing tactic to use to increase the traffic to your website. Once you master how to effectively use keywords in your articles your writing can become very successful. The use of keywords and keyword research is what can make or break your articles. Finding a viable internet marketing and mentoring program that will help you with this keyword research is very important.

2- Video Marketing: Video Marketing is yet another great online internet marketing strategy to use for your online business. Using online marketing sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, and Viddler is a great way to promote your service and/or products. Again, making sure that you have your keywords done correctly will get you ranked high on the search engines.

3- Blogs: Blogs is another of the top 3 platforms for any online business owner to use to get mass exposure. More importantly by combining the top 2 business ideas, article marketing and video marketing in your blog, will create backlinks and quality content to this platform so that you can get ranked higher in search engines to be found and find success.

By realizing the importance of effective internet marketing and learning the top 3 platforms will help you on your way for becoming a successful online business owner. So find the internet marketing and mentoring program that will train you on how to learn the use of keywords, keyword research and how to optimize these platforms. If you do not have the proper training and support, then you will not master these business ideas and there will be no success for your business online.

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