Saturday 31 January 2015

Intro of Currency Exchange (FOREX) Trading

There are numerous reasons to get involved in FOREX trading - high leverage rates, liquidity of traders capital, truly 24 hours trading environment, convenience of trading online, and the list goes on and on. FOREX trading is one of the latest hypes in the trading world. With more than trillions of average daily turnover, FOREX market stands as the largest trading market. Seven of the world currencies, United States dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yens, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, Canadian Dollars, and the Euro Dollars, are massively traded everyday worldwide. It is simply a world market as there are no centralize trade location available for FOREX traders. Everyday FOREX trade begins in Sydney, and moves around the globe to Tokyo, London, and then New York. Unlike any other financial market, investors can respond to money-value fluctuations caused by economic, social and political events at the time they occur - day or night.

There are a few reasons why you should learn about FOREX trading, these includes the great leverage rates available in FOREX market, commissions free trading, instant and convenient online trade, and most of all, you can make money regardless to the bull/bear market condition.

For the new comers, FOREX means foreign exchange, or more details, foreign currency exchange. It involves buying and selling currencies concurrently. Every time a FOREX trader makes a deal, he or she spend different country currency to buy in the other country currency. The trade might looks funny to you at first as FOREX traders are both buying and selling money in the same time.

For the beginners, reading FOREX quotes might be confusing. Some common quotes that you might be seeing are like: USD/JPY 110.2, EUR/USD 1.2385/1.2390, and GBP/USD 1.7360/65. Now these figures might looks complicated but the concept is relatively simple. Currency quoted in pairs simply means the relative value compare to the other. In our given example, USD/JPY 110.2 means a dollar of United States Dollar is equal to 109.2 Japanese Yen. USD in our case is known as the base currency; while Japanese Yen here is the counter currency.

Banks and currency dealers are the major traders in the FOREX market. Large international banks such as HSBC, Barclays, J. P. Morgan Chase, and Deutsche Bank are those who are actively trade in currency exchange. According to Bank for International Settlements (BIS) market surveys, more than half of the foreign exchange transactions are done between financial organizations--either they are strictly between banks, or it involves banks and other non-banking financial institutions.

FOREX trading involves a lot of risks. Thus, analytical approach is always necessary to manage and minimize such risks. Similar to any other investments, FOREX traders apply two kinds of approaches to manage their risk: the fundamental, and the technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis basically means studies of surrounding events that affect the market trends. For example FOREX market, fundamental traders will consider events and situations that will affect the value of a country currency value. These factors include the local bank policies, political states, country growth rates, natural disasters, market speculator's mood, terrorism attacks, and wars.

Instead of reviewing on the fundamental issues, traders from technical side define market movement according to data purely generated from the market. The term 'Technical' is applied in all trading fields, from commodity stocks exchange to option trading, from FOREX to futures.

A pure technician does not care much about fundamental issues, as they always believe the number has it all. The future does not equal with the past. There are a lot of unexpected variables that technical analysis does not reflect on: change of country leaders, change of government, natural disasters, change of bank policies, investor's mood, war-- all these factors affect currency value directly and might not have happened before in the past. A combined of two approaches (fundamental and technical) is always encourage to get the optimum plots on your investment plan.

Although there are a lot of risks involved when trading currency, FOREX trading, however has a lot of key advantages. It is a truly worldwide market; trades can be done all time. In FOREX trading, you do not need to wait the market to open, you can always response to world latest movement and news immediately. With the ease of Internet access, transaction in FOREX can be done in anytime regardless on your location. This gives you the convenience to work on any time, any where - which in turns gives you the freedom you cannot have in other trade markets.

Also, FOREX trading offers incredibly high leverage rates to the traders. It gives the opportunity to trade in large margins with minimum capital put down on the table. Normal FOREX account offers leverage rates from 50 to 1 or 100 to 1 till 200 to 1. This means that with $2,000 capital on a 100 to 1 FOREX account, you can now control currency with value up to $200,000. This in turns magnify the ROI of the FOREX traders with less cash outlay.

You come to this article probably because of you are new to FOREX and were looking for some readings on the Internet. To be frank, FOREX can be very profitable but the risk lie beneath is equally great. Remember to always trade with proper investment plan and strategy. Read books, attend courses, watch video seminars, read papers, or even practice first with a dealer's demo account to get yourself ready. Trade smartly, and gain the maximum out of FOREX - good luck!

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Friday 30 January 2015

Rental Properties Investment For Beginners

If you are an amateur investor, you must pay attention to the experience and advices from the famous investors. Therefore, investing in rental properties for amateurs is a crucial step to take but simultaneously it is a lot less risky.

Why it is a lot less risky than other forms of investment?

In this case, it is because investing in these particular properties means getting certain return of investment (ROI). You might not get back the profits right away but you know that it will be able to generate funds on a long term basis. It is based on what scheme are you going to put up your first rental investment.

At the beginning, you have to understand the whole process of investment. Start to talk to experienced people who have been there and delivered good results. You can ask those who are profiting to find out which method that benefits rental property investment.

When you are ready to cash out then it is the most suitable time to start looking for rental properties on the internet. It could be tenanted at present or vacant and in good condition. Therefore, knowing the condition of the property is important because it will determine the renting availability.

You do not have to buy one online property and need to renovate it before you start renting it out. That would be very unwise. A property with tenants that has contracts would be an additional bonus. It would offer you an instant profit when the next rent reaches the due date.

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Take Risks

Thursday 29 January 2015

Work From Home No Fee Jobs - Make Money Online Without an Initial Investment

People can create wealth by getting involved in a work from home no fee jobs. These jobs are of easy type and it is enough if you have limited or no experience at all. There is also no time limit to these types of jobs as you are going to work only when you are free. The remuneration is very high; some people even tend to leave their permanent jobs to do this one.

One thing is very important in these types of jobs because there are lot and lots of scam web sites offering jobs. They require some small investment which they say that it is important for them to identify the genuine people. But the people who are interested in doing this job does not know whether the company who are offering this job is genuine or not. So it is highly important to check the genuine of the job before paying this investment.

The most attractive jobs are typing ads, surveys, form filling, and placing ads in free websites, envelope stuffing, data entry telesales etc. Some times these jobs may look easy, but the difficulty range vary from people to people. Mostly these jobs are work from home no fee jobs, and can be very easily done by any person. Since there is no time limit or any target most people are interested in doing these types of jobs.

How to create wealth? The answer for this is a big question mark. You can create wealth by completing these types of jobs from home itself and can earn huge money, since the companies are paying huge money. As the company does not spend any extra expenses for the staff, they are able to pay a large sum of money as salary.

Even though you are paid high it is always advisable to do this job part time only since the job security is very limited, and there is no guarantee that you will receive the payment promptly from the company continuously.

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Online Forex Trading And Day Trading

Online Forex trading is a very hot trend these days, but you need to know one thing. Day trading is a very good way to lose money. Why? There are many risks involve with Forex day trading and with currency exchange as a whole. The volatility of the currency trading market is very high. This is one of the most important aspects of the Fx trading world. Trillions of dollars exchange hands each day and the market goes up and down.

Are you considering day trading? This is one of the best ways to lose money as we said above. Forex day trading does not work because the data is not reliable. Also volatility is random in the online Forex trading world. Traders trade hundreds of millions of dollars each day and if you try and predict what all these people will do in this short time span you are going to have a bad time. Also your investment is not going to be good. Many of you could have seen many Forex trading systems with excellent records of gains. Of course you have seen them, but they are not telling you the truth, as we are going to explain later on.

Many people might say they have seen online Forex trading systems with great tracks records of profits. But let us tell you something. They know the closing price. The Forex broker that is telling you this does not trade with real dollars. Many times what you get is one of these things: CFTC Rule 5.61.. Simulated or hypothetical results have limitations. These results do not represent actual trading. These are not like actual performance records. Many times the results are over compensated for the impacts of the market, for example, lack of liquidity. These trading programs are designed with the benefit of hindsight. There is no guarantee that any account will achieve the losses or the profits of any of these simulated accounts.

Online Forex trading systems that make huge claims will never end up succeeding in the real trading world. Do you want to lose your money? Just join these Forex brokers. You need to trade the odds over a longer term if you want to make money here. Currency trading is a tough game even if you have reliable data. You need to know a lot about the Forex world if you want to make money here.

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Top 3 Most Popular Online Investments

The definition of investment deals with putting in some amount of effort with the expectation of returns in the future.

Financially, an investment implies putting cash into a business or a security up front with the expectation of profits in the future. The investment vehicles open to us are generally very wide. So wide that i have decided to narrow the scope down to the three most popular forms of investment on the internet.

Here are the top 3 most popular online investments on the internet today.

Online Currency Trading

The top spot has to go to currency trading as it is the most commonly invested market on the web. This is mainly because it takes very little to get involved in the online currency market. Most online forex brokers offer mini or micro accounts for as little as $20. However, without proper forex trading strategies the beginner has no chance on making consistent profits in the long run. Beginners should never rush into trading forex with a live account. Trade on a demo account for a few months at least to get a grasp of the forex market. Avoid any trading courses or automated signals that claim the impossible, they are simply trying to sell a product.

The best place to head to online for a wealth of free information on forex trading is undoubtedly This is where the majority of online currency traders gather. Search for tidbits of information on the forums or participate, discuss and learn with the rest.

Stock Trading

The online stock trading scene claims second spot in terms of popularity. Both online stock trading and forex trading are very similar in nature. The differences are pretty minute. Many currency traders also trade stock online since the technical and fundamental trading aspects are both similar. However, stock trading accounts online generally requires a lot more money to opening an account. Dabbling in stocks are just as risky as delving into the currency market.


Futures rounds up the list as it comes in 3rd in this popularity contest. Futures are not a market in itself but rather a type of trading product that sees use in commodities as well as the currency market. While not as expensive as stocks with regards to opening an account, they are considered very accessible.

All three forms of online investment carry with them great risk, so tread with care and don't open a live account until you have some experience on a demo account.

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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Why Choose Online Stock Trading?

A century ago, the stock market was beginning to take shape. It was very different from what we know today as online stock trading. As time moved on, stock trading developed more and more and turned out to be a great way to make money. By giving the investors a variety of choices such as online stock trading, breakout systems, futures trading, hedging, speculation, swing stock trading, the market has become an indisputable opportunity to make a huge profit.

It is crucial to have a realistic plan and not jump ahead before understanding the basics of stock trading. Besides, taking a small amount of time in perusing the rules of online stock trading will surely be rewarding later. Specialists' advices recommend trusting yourself, choosing wisely, taking responsibility for your actions and staying focused. Do not lose yourself in the vast sea of traders, separate your techniques from the rest and trade cautiously. You also have to understand that sometimes, in order to make money, you have to first lose some and learn from your mistakes. Of course, if you don't want to choose this method, research before online stock trading or try using the web for consultations from an experienced broker.

There is a multitude of advantages to going online and starting stock trading. Online stock trading constitutes of buying and selling shares automatically, almost without any human intervention. The first step is to check out the online brokers, then to open up an account so as to deposit money for stock trading. There is also an execution-only broker which offers no advice and just follows your demands. There is a limited amount of time to accept or turn down the offered price.

Online stock trading is an efficient and secure way to browse the stock market and make investments. You will need a computer, an internet connection and of course the two musts of online stock trading - method and discipline. Understanding money management is another advantage. Actually, not knowing anything about this is the reason why most traders fail even if they take as little risk as possible.

Trading futures is a method used to eliminate or diminish the risks that may appear when the prices in the market fluctuate. Nowadays, trading futures on the web is sometimes preferred to online stock trading, and without question to traditional "live" trading of any kind. A law in the stock trading business states that prices are induced by the supply and demand of the market. If there are more buyers than sellers, prices will go up and the other way around.

There are two groups of future traders. First are the hedgers who prefer taking the safe road. This is where their name comes from - they are always seeking to hedge out the risks of changes in prices. The second category consists of the speculators who are interested in making a profit based on predicting the changes in the market. Speculating may bring a higher profit, but may also bring loss to those who can't afford it. The profit comes from buying at a certain price today and selling the shares at a higher price in the future. Hedging may also be the best way to trade as it protects against the fluctuations of the market prices.

A high risk for an inexperienced trader might be trying to predict and speculate without having enough resources or experience in the stock trading deal. A beginner in online stock trading may receive advice from a professional broker on private message boards because many brokers offer their services for stock trading mainly online. However, experts advise against acquiring stocks just on pointers. Doing your own research, accumulating as much knowledge on online stock trading as possible, finding reliability first - these is the best advice you'll ever receive.

Swing stock trading is a short term method in which the stocks are kept for a brief period of time. It is a tehnique situated between day-trading and long term invesments. Most interesting is that it never relies on the market index and it is influenced by the minor variations in stock prices. This type of online stock trading is based more on the short-term investment and on price patterns of shares rather than on the fundamental value. Risks are lower because there is far less competition from the long-term investors. It is best suited for newbies considering the low risks and quick profit. Still there are some drawbacks to swing stock trading: not waiting for the perfect timing and trading when there is a significant price fluctuation and the incapacity of applying in a market where share prices are raising or falling rapidly.

A question that rises in the online stock trading business is FOREX or FUTURES? FOREX is the largest financial market in the world. It is more fluid and, as opposed to the FUTURES market, it is open 24 hours a day, everyday. There are no commissions and the brokers make profit through the spread that is the breach between the buying and the selling price. Most transactions are executed immediately offering a better price control of your trades than in the FUTURE stock trading market.

What you need to know about this online stock trading affair is that it is simple, exciting and prosperous. It is risky and you may lose some money before hiting the jackpot, but it is all worth it. No matter which types of stock trading you choose you are in for a one wild ride on the carousel of money. And it pays!

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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Marketing Your Book on Radio

Have you listened to radio lately? If you have, chances are you've heard an author talking about his or her latest book. According to the "Let's Talk Radio Marketing" Website, "Radio advertising has proven to be one of the most cost-effective means of reaching your target audience."

In other words, radio gives you the biggest bang for your buck. I wanted my new book to reach a wider audience, so I asked a marketing company to come up with a plan that focuses on radio, including ads in "Radio-TV Interview Report" and "A Great Radio Guest." Why radio?

Radio is everywhere: in the home, in the neighborhood, in the car, in the workplace, and in the marketplace. Satellites beam radio programs to listeners all over the world. Campers hear programs on solar-powered radios and travelers hear programs on computers.

Convenience is another radio plus. To be on radio you don't have to fly across the country or drive 50 miles, you just answer the phone. Better yet, you can be sitting in your pajamas, wearing mismatched socks, hair sticking up straight, and listeners won't know it. You can refer to your notes during the interview, something you may not be able to do on TV.

Radio's drawback is the lack of visuals - images, color, and movement - that grab viewers' attention. "Because radio offers no image, the main advantage is sound," notes So you must rely on your voice. Listeners can't see you or your book cover, but you may grab their attention with the words you choose and the images your words create.

I've been on top radio stations like CBS in New York and WCCO in Minneapolis-St. Paul, but one of the best shows I've been on is Jacqueline Marcella's show, "Coping With Caregiving." It's a monthly, Internet-only radio program broadcast worldwide. Listeners hear it on Once a program has aired it's archived for listeners who missed it or want to hear it again.

What makes the program special? Jacqueline Marcella is a good listener, a vital ingredient for any show hostess or host. Because of the challenges she has faced - a father with Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer - she really wants to hear what you have to say. Being on her show was pure joy.

Before I'm on the air I check the Internet for information about the program. While it isn't always possible, I try to listen to the program ahead of time. If I'm asked to provide interview questions I keep them short. I rehearse what I'm going to say, focusing on a casual delivery.

For me, radio is an investment in my work. It's too soon to tell if my invesement will pay off in royalties. Meanwhile, I'm having the time of my life. Marketing my book on radio has turned into a mini marketing course. I'm learning a lot, having fun, and meeting fascinating people. Stay tuned!

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Insurance Will Always Stay As Insurance

With regards to one of the current hottest topic in the financial industry is "Insurance" vs "Investment". If you were to ask me, in my opinion and being in this industry, I would say that Insurance is never an Investment. It is totally two different things.

So, I cannot believe how my peers in this industry actually go out there, acting as an Investment Professional, hard-selling products as Investment Product towards clients. In my very own opinion, I would say that this practise can be regarded as mis-selling.

Why? Why is a question you would ask me? We are professionals to design and cater for the assurance needs of the client and not investment needs. Although we have an option for clients which are called "Invesment-Linked Policies", our priority is to cater for the client's assurance or protection needs, investment needs is secondary.

So, what is my flow when I meet my clients?

Simple, my very first question to them will be, "What is your motive in owning insurance? Protection or Capital Accumulation?". From here, I will then do the proper fact finding to design and cater a solution for the client's specific needs. Whatever policies that the client is about to own will be based on their needs.

I am sad to say that most of the agents out there do not practise this but instead, hard-selling and product pushing is practised. Sad? It is far worst than sad if you can see how it turned out to be for the client. I have a number of transferred cases to me with the request coming from the clients and oh boy, how shocked am I to see the type of policies that are owned by them. Not only I am shocked, they are too when I presented it and did a policy review with them.

I have one transferred case client that wishes to be covered on Accidental Dismemberment but instead she was told by her previous agent to own an Investment-Linked Policy with Accidental Dismemberment rider attached which requires her to input a premium of SG$150/month while the Stand-Alone Accidental Dismemberment policy only requires SG$17/month. Oh boy was she shocked when I presented it to her because the agent did not even bother to show her the difference between the two policies and she solely thought that the policy she owns is only for Accidental Dismemberment. Angry? Yes she is, to the point that she requested to surrender the policy with losses even after I explained and advised her not to. She still insisted on surrendering it and moved on with owning the Stand-Alone Accidental Dismemberment policy that she originally wishes to own with my assistance.

Sometimes, people choose to be blinded by agents that are specially gifted to have the ability to have a smooth and sweet talking style whose only priority is their own sales quota and company incentives instead of choosing the ones who can come out with facts and figures for logic. Now, who is to blame?

Now, getting back to the point of Insurance will always stay as Insurance. Anything that comes out from an Insurance/Assurance Company will always be Insurance. This applies to all types of policies including Investment-Linked Policies.

What's the difference? The only difference in Investment-Linked Policies is that, instead of the company investing the premiums from you for the non-guaranteed returns on top of the sum assured, you now have the power of allocating the premiums in any of the available funds and have full control of the non-guaranteed returns.

Now, when the term "Non-Guaranteed" is mentioned, everyone gets afraid? Why? First understand why the term is used in the first place. It is because, the interest for the returns are always fluctuating. Hence, the term "Non-Guaranteed" is used. Even your savings account gives you a "Non-Guaranteed" interest rate. So why should you be afraid of the term?

A quote from Warren Buffett, "The only risk in life, is when you do not know what you are doing."

A strong quote but a lot of people do not adhere to it. They own something without knowing what it is all about. They purchase an investment product and not knowing the architecture of it. They listen to their "trusted" agent / broker and not knowing what it is all about. When the bubble has burst, who is to blame?

So people, listen! Be it if you happen to receive a cold-call, someone comes knocking on your door or even you meet someone at a road-show. Listen, find-out, be informed and do not own insurance blindly. Ask every single detail on what it is all about before signing on the doted lines.

To end this off, again I will say that Insurance will always stay as Insurance because for the matter of fact that I can assure you, Insurance will never make you rich but it does guarantee that you will not be poor when you are old or critically ill.

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Monday 26 January 2015

Invest in Safe and Long Term Invesments

If you want to invest in your retirement or your kid's college education, you can pick several options. You can pick the safe investment choice instead of the risky stock market. Over a long period of time, the safe option will yield a decent amount of return. There are several safe investments you can choose from.

You can consider bonds which has several types that you can purchase. There are bonds that can be purchased from the government. Bonds are like Certificate of Deposits, the only difference is that CD's are issued by banks. Your investment can have the chance to double depending on the bonds that you purchase.

There are also mutual funds that are relatively safe. Mutual funds are formed from a group of investors pooling their money together to buy stocks, bonds, and other forms of investment. The fund manager handles the fund and decides where to invest it. You have to find a qualified and reputable fund manager with a prove track record to invest your money in. Mutual funds can be riskier than bonds depending on the type of mutual fund you choose.

Stocks as long-term investments can yield the highest return. If you buy shares of stocks, you are buying ownership of the company you are investing in. The value of your stocks depends how well the company does financially. A company who does poorly will make its stocks drop in value which make stocks very risky. You can invest in companies with good reputation and that are stable to keep your money relatively safe.

It is important to do your part in research before investing to have your money earn long-term. Look for well established stocks when purchasing stocks. Find a good mutual fund that has a good track record and history to invest in. If you are not ready to invest in stocks or mutual funds, you can go for the safe option of bonds that are backed by the government.

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Niche Blueprint Product Review - Is it Worth Your Invesment?

For a profitable internet marketing business, one important tool you have to have is a good map to follow especially if you are not an expert in the website marketing industry. All you need to follow the Niche Blueprint as a map towards internet marketing business profitability is the capacity to follow step-by-step instructions. The Niche Blueprint will be available for release in January 2009.

Purchase Niche Blueprint now and make sure that you are one of the first one to receive the new release from developers Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. When you purchase Niche Blueprint, you are buying into the years and years of expertise and experience in profitable internet marketing businesses.

When you purchase Niche Blueprint, you will get a set of videos and downloadable pdf manuals on everything you need to know about setting up your very own profitable internet marketing business. An indepth introduction to the Niche Blueprint program starts you off on the series of videos that cover instructions on how to choose your own niche including doing a quick but quality market research aimed at determining which niches will be profitable for you. You will also be taught to source your suppliers and outsourcing services providers. Aside from that other information such as finding domain names and managing your Niche Blueprint store is also included in the package.

There is also a module on pay-per-click techniques and search engine optimization strategies that are guaranteed to give you free website traffic. Affiliate marketing tools are also included as a bonus packaged with several other videos and manuals to help you succeed in your internet marketing business in any niche you choose.

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Sunday 25 January 2015

Understanding Growth and Income Invesments

A growth investor focuses more of his attention on the future prospects of a company. Unlike value investors, he can buy into a company that is trading above its fair value, but has the potentials for growth. These companies grow faster than others in their category, this is where the growth investor focuses while investing, and not on the current book value. Young companies fall under this umbrella. Their argument is that as the company is growing in revenues, it will directly translate into the growth of the share price of the stocks. Here, profits are made through capital appreciation and not through dividends, as nearly all the money they realize for the year or quarter are invested back into the company. They do not pay dividends.

On the other hand, income investing means picking a straight forward company stocks that provides steady stream of income for the investor. Most of the times, when investors are talking of steady income; they are referring to some fixed income that comes in the form of bonds, but it should not be limited to bonds securities alone. High dividend paying stocks can equally provide a solid source of steady income. So, income investing means looking for and finding those categories of companies to invest in. On most occasions, Old and advanced companies falls under this category. These are companies that have reached certain level of growth, and can be said to be at the peak of its career and are no longer able to contain some levels of growth again. These companies are no longer in the rapidly growing or expanding industries. So at the end of the quarter or year, they retain their profits to themselves, and instead of re-investing these proceeds, they pay them out as dividends or bonus. This is a way of paying back to their investors who has been standing by them.

So, while growth investors are more concerned about the future potentials of a particular company, the income investor is more interested about what he gets now. Every investor has a way to gauge the value of a company before investing (be it growth or income investor), whatever method you use must be applied with a particular company's situation in mind. An average company with 2-3% yield of invested capital could be considered okay for income investors, but for growth investors, it is unacceptable. They are looking at 5-6% of their invested capital.

So as a discerning investor, before you stake your money, decide on your investment goal .After taking a decision on which investment pattern to follow, select a formula which will serve as the frame work for your selection analysis. Be sure that you have the particular situation of the particular company you want to invest in mind for your formula to work. More importantly, consider and compare the past performances of the company in relation to the industry where it plays. The application of these guiding principles may differ from company to company and from industry to industry. But a judicious use of any these of these principles will add value to your investments. Or what do you say?

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Saturday 24 January 2015

The Truth About Life, Work, And Money

Warning this article may cause you to become depressed, I cannot be held responsible in any way for this, I am simply writing the truth, and for some of you this might actually inspire you, and change your outlook on life forever.

Life used to be so much simpler it wasn't always about money. Once upon a time money was not a big issue, mothers were able to stay home and bring up their kids themselves. You didn't need a ton of money to enjoy yourself, the best things in life were free. It's incredible how much things have changed in the last 50 years. Used to be that we used work to live. Now live to work, it's not a life, it's slavery in disguise.

There are 168 hours in 1 week. The average North American spends fifty five hours at work (this includes travel time) fifty six hours sleeping, and sixteen hours eating.. That leaves forty one hours to cook, clean, spend time with your family and relax. That's not much. The worst part is that most of us dislike our jobs and people we work with/at Does this seem fair to you and your family?

Let's turn it into an even bigger picture.

The average day.

7:00 -Wake up, take shower

7:30 - Eat

8:00 leave for work

8:45 get to work

9:00 start work go to lunch etc

5:30 Finish work go home

6:15: Get home prepare food eat spend a little time with family

8:30-9:00 Put kids to sleep

9:00 - 12:00 do a bit of cleaning and relax

12:00 Sleep

Rinse repeat

That was my schedule form Monday to Friday. I am fairly sure that this schedule applies to most of you with maybe a few differences here and there.

Now we do this for over 30 years right up until the day we retire, and then we can enjoy our lives.

Wait a second.....enjoy our lives??? Before we get to enjoy our lives we actually have to make it there, it's sad to say but many of us won't make it there, and if we do we'll be anywhere from the age of 60-65. Half the stuff we would like to do, we have missed our opportunities to do, and the other half of the stuff we want to do, we can't do because we can't afford to do it. So here we are at 60 years old living off our pension with not much to do except lounge around the house visit the occasional friend an take up hobbies, and maybe go on vacation if your pension allows. Not to mention the elevated risk of sickness due to your age. You know I speak the truth simply because all you have to do is look at your own parents, uncles, aunts, and any other retired folk you may know

Is this how you pictured your life? Or did you never look that far ahead?

I can tell you who's to blame but that's another article all together foranother time

So what can you do about it?

Well you have 2 choices,

1) Accept your fate and follow the path of Predictability

2) Grab the bull by the horns, and take Control 
Does money grow on trees?

Not literally but, yes it can be cultivated. But you have to plant your seeds and take care of your tree properly. You have probably searched high and low for business opportunities that really work, and 90% of the ones that you have come across look extremely fraudulent. But there are some opportunities out there that you can truly make money with. I was like you, and I browsed searched and scoured the net for ways to make money. I invested close to 3000$ in buying books, and joining selling programs, including Amway, Herbalife, and a whole other slew of programs that required you to invest more and more money. Believe it or not you can make money with these, I personally made my money back and gave up on these projects simply because they weren't my cup of tea. I don't regret a single penny that I invested. Each and every program, and book I bought and joined taught me something, and brought me here, to the point I am today.

What Have I learned?

Where there is a will there is a way there are literally millions of websites out there that offer free information, and give you a few staring points. Inestments are must. Unless you are a genius and know something I don't, you do need some money to make money, there are a ton of good books out there that teach you the tricks of the internet trade. I am not saying to run out and spend thousand of dollars. Once you have mastered the general concept of how the online market works, you will find this type of business the cheapest and lowest maintenace type of business to run/own. It will free up a lot of your time so you can go and do what all humans were meant to truly do.... ENJOY LIFE.

One of the cheapest ways to make a little extra money is through surveys. Many Surveys are totally free to join, and you can find them for free. On the other hand there quite a few companies out there that sell complete lists with links and locations of survey websites. These are worth buying if you intent to get into filling out surveys and are also very inexpensive you'll get your invesment back fairly quick since they only go for 40-50$. There are also many tools you can use to make filling out surveys easier and faster; like roboform, which automatically fills out fields for you, like name, address, etc etc.

Surveys are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other more lucrative oppurtunities that involve a little more work to get off the ground, and are dirt cheap to start and maintain.

Lastly, no matter what you choose to do, ambition is needed. You truly want to enjoy your life job and family you must be passionate in pursuing it. If you want it you gotta take it. Don't wait for someone to give it to you, or for it to fall in your lap, it's just not gonna happen.

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Friday 23 January 2015

Retirement Invesment Tips Before And After You Retire

Retirement shouldn't be considered the end of a person's life. There are plenty of things someone can do after retirement. Things like taking a course in something of interest, being active in your community or maybe learning a new skill. Staying active helps sharpen your mental development and gives a sense of importance.

Most people find out that money is very much a necessity after retirement as it is used for paying bills and other expenses instead of using it for the things you planned for after retirement. You shouldn't be waiting around for retirement benefits to kick in, instead here are some tips you can use to keep it growing.

1. Don't wait until retirement to start saving. You could start saving at an early age by creating a detailed plan. Some insurance companies and financial institutions have good rates which, in the long run, might possibly even double the money that you have invested, if its in for a couple of years.

2. Bonds is another form of investment you could use. Bonds mature over a period of time and usually have a good growth percentage.

3. Since business tend to grow in profit earnings on a quarterly basis and sometimes acquisitions and other type of deals increase the values of shares in a company, stocks are also a good option to look into.

4. A lot of folks purchase real estate as a form of investment. Unlike automobiles that depreciate in value the moment it is driven off the lot, the price of properties tend to go up ( most of the time ). There are other options you could do with a property such as holding it for a few years and selling it for a higher profit, you could also flip the property.

5. You could always start your own business if you are up for the challenge. It could be into a working related field, something you have a certain level of experience in.

6. You could get a IRA ( investment retirement account ). There are several types available that come with earning promises and are also good tax advantages.

There are many ways to invest a little in the beginning to get a good sound return later. The idea is to look into the many options available either through your own research or the help of a financial advisor, you can start taking charge of your financial future. It's really up to you to decide.

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Wednesday 21 January 2015

Great Ways to Earn Online

If you are one of the many thousands of people who want to switch careers and prefer to work for themselves and earn online, the good news is that if you are prepared to listen and take advice, earning cash online isn't really that hard to do.

Ok, all those who have so far struggled and failed to make a go of it would disagree whole heatedly with that opening statement; but the fact is this, if you are prepared to do your homework and learn right from the very basics then earning cash online is relatively easy enough to achieve.

That's my viewpoint on using the internet as a means of financial gain and I'm sticking to it, so maybe it's time to put up or shut up and reveal what I consider to be the easiest ways to earn online these days, even though the world market as a whole is down and business maybe a darn site tougher right now than in better times.

So, here goes, recession or not, try any of these 5 ways and providing you do things right you'll definitely earn money online.

• Creating an Online Shop on eBay 
• Purchasing a Turnkey Website
• Being a Freelancer (Selling your Talent, skill or Knowledge)
• Specialising in your own Niche Website
• Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Take those five topics in any order you like; I've not listed them in any particular degree of success. Working online is better and is going to be far more successful and lucrative for you if you eventually settle on doing something you really enjoy doing. That's the real key to internet success!

Choosing to go into a business that you enjoy and take an interest in wins every time over choosing to earn your corn by doing something that doesn't interest you, or worse, even bores the hell out of you. After all, how many times have you heard friends and relatives complaining about their own line of work saying they hate every minute of it but have to keep going because they need the money?

If you take the time to look round at people who are successful in life and those who merely struggle along the major difference will be that the winners are those who are doing something they are passionate about and therefore they can easily put in the extra time and effort it takes to be successful as opposed to those who don't give a rat's buttock about their job or career and feel that they can barely cope with the basics never mind going the extra mile.

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Tuesday 20 January 2015

Guidelines - Earning Online

Everyday, millions of people coming to find ways to earn extra few bucks working online.

So, how exactly do you make substantial profit on internet?

Well, there are literally thousands of ways to earn a living working online. It will take you days to keep trying out for a home based business, which really works for you and in that process you might get frustrated halfway and give up the whole process. I too have gone through the same phase but never loosen my heart, which finally paid up. I have spent lots of money in that process, read lots of e-books written by "gurus" and tried out all the ways I came to know about. I have spent lots of sleepless and frustrated nights and almost gave up. But, once it started working, I never looked back.

A home based business has no FAST and EASY money for sure.

You need to have patience and learn the trade religiously to start earning online. Without the correct knowledge you will waste precious time and load of money. If you are on the right track , you reach faster to your goal.

Getting into any available programs on "Home based business" or "Earning online" is not the right way to start with. You might land up into something which won't motive you.

What you would like to do is a very important factor of success. If you work on something you are passionate about , you will have fun and the motivation to do it. Look for business where your passion is.

As an example , you might like to sell products online. In that case , you better join an affiliate program which have products of your likings. Affiliate programs can vary from web site to web site but the main idea behind affiliate program is that a web site will pay you for sending them buyers. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there to choose from. Any product you can think of has an affiliate program. This is what most of the Home-Based Entrepreneurs are doing right this moment to earn working online. You too can do it from your home at your own convenient time.

While choosing an affiliate program to earn online, you need to check out the followings.

1) High pay out

2) Effective product sale page

3) Competition of the product

4) Pay out dates

5) Minimum pay out

6) In demand products.

You will come across lots of programs offering to join free. Sooner or later, looking at the limited scope of earning as a free member, you going to upgrade yourself paying a fee.You then will start looking for promotion of the products. The fact is ,you do not start earning online unless you invest. Frankly , if you are unwilling to invest money to start your own home based business, you don't need a business , you need a job. If you are new to the business , you just need to learn to invest the money judiciously.

The key to earning online is knowing how and where to start. Earning online or a home based business is not as easy as it sounds. It is again not as difficult as you believe.

If you really want to generate true wealth earning online and looking for financial freedom working from home, you have to do something different.Early you do, faster you reach to your goal.

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Monday 19 January 2015

Don't Quit Your Job Yet

If you want to earn online, you must remember to know the basics first. Too many people make the mistake of immediately quitting their job without building a solid foundation online, leading to a lot of wasted time, money and effort. You should start by setting up your network and developing your skills in selling so you can maximize your income for the long term. Here are some tips on how you can boost your income while keeping your job.

Do It In Your Spare Time

Earning money on the internet does not require you to be present 8 hours or more each day, so you can practically do the work after you get home from your day job. All you need is internet access and a good working computer to start. Choose the right type of business that you are experienced in or have some knowledge about. For example, if you are interested in computers, you might want to start an online retail shop selling computer parts or software. You can choose to focus on particular software like retailing anti-virus programs online. You can better sell and represent products if you have some level of expertise or knowledge over these.

Starting Your Home-Based Business

Should you decide to earn online by starting your own online business, you have to create a good reputation among your target customers first. You can do this by staying visible to them in the most popular internet areas. Look for blog sites, online discussion boards and websites where most of your target customers are frequently visiting. Register and start building yourself up as a competent and able seller by answering queries intelligently, posting articles and blogs that are highly related to most searches and your company and keeping in touch with very important people that will function as keys to your network.

Building Relationships

Earning money on the internet will require you to build and keep good working relationships. You can maximize your income potential by talking to experts and other business owners. You can exchange links and relevant customers so no individual goes to waste and sales is enhanced. You should constantly be on the lookout for highly influential customers who can increase the reputation and credibility of your business. You can rely on these people for referrals and repeat transactions. Make sure that you maintain good and healthy relationships by following up their orders and checking how the product has benefited them after the purchase.

The Network Helping You

To successfully earn online, you should take good care of your network. You can adjust and change your strategy depending on the demand of your target customers. Your network will be composed of different individuals like other online business owners, marketing experts, article and blog writers, graphic artists and of course, your regular clients. The network will help you expand and grow your business, so you stay competitive in the industry for years to come. Define your network properly and find out how their needs change so you can provide the best type of service possible.

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Money - Earn Online and Be Successful

A lot of business entrepreneurs have found a secret to their success: marketing through the internet plus a chance to earn income online. A lot of them have grabbed the chance to go online and promote their products through affiliate marketing and at the same time, not only be confined to their country of origin, but to the whole world. The steps are relatively easy and a person does not need to have great computer skills in order to pull it off.

Google has been around for a long time, and by all means, it has generated a lot of income. Nowadays, businessmen and women have found a niche wherein they could use the search engine as a way of making their products known. This could then help them to generate and earn online money. What is good is that even those who are on the other side of the world will still get to see the products, and most likely will purchase them as well.

The products being sold through Google AdWords are mostly of the digital kind, because they are easily downloadable and there is no shipping fee involved. They are usually in the form of e-books which contain necessary information. In order for a businessman to avail of this "service" from Google, he has to sign up first for a Google AdWords account and then an affiliate site. There are affiliate sites that already have products that are ready to use, and people could simply choose from them.

A businessman has to register a word in AdWords which will then be linked to his original website, where the product can be found. For ever click that a person makes on the AdWords link, there is a corresponding payment. This means, that the more an AdWords link is clicked, the more income could be generated from that. It is the perfect way to market products because millions of people conduct searches everyday using the Google search engine. Many people have earned a lot of money through Google AdWords.

For people who want to earn online even with just the most basic computer skills, Google AdWords could do a lot. This is an opportunity that could do wondrous things for those who are in need of extra money. It is one of the best ways to earn while using the internet. It is very convenient and will even impress starters.

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Saturday 17 January 2015

Earn Online - Is This For You?

If people are talking about wanting to earn online, they don't keep it real, saying they can start off earning $1000's a day; but that's not always the case.

It's more like this; forget all the hype and B.S and stop listening to all those silly promises too. Yes newbies can earn online but they won't do it by just working for a couple of minutes a day and come away with a dream lifestyle.

Can you believe all that stuff? Do you honestly think you can earn online, or have a business offline, that's going to provide everything you ever dreamt of by putting in five or ten minutes each day, because that's not reality is it?

You have to work; and that's the same whether you are online or offline; that's the way it is and you can only receive rewards for what effort and time you put in. Every job works with that principle, and don't expect anything else - not prepared to do your best, then don't expect too much in return.

It probably will be hard at first to earn online, but that's no different to anything else you try, but with time you'll get there. Experience kicks in and what seems difficult now becomes so much clearer.

Is this thing about earning real big bunce online really do-able then? It could be, on the other hand, it might not be. Doesn't it all depend on you? If you get into a lucrative niche and you're good at it, then you could do really well; common sense isn't it?

Okay, if you don't quite strike it at $1000's a day; would $100 a day be sufficient? It's not so bad if you are a brand new first timer wanting to earn cash online. Obviously just a hundred dollars a day won't give you a movie star life style but it will keep you out the bankruptcy court and keep you fed and watered.

The best way to start off online is to feel your way slowly and positively. Ambition is all very well, and wanting to go all the way is a great aspiration; but keep it real. See how others are making a real go of it and earn online and copy their methods.

Is this business of working online your type of thing? Loads of people do really well; not just the nerds, geeks and whizz kids. Everyday types like you and me and the guy up your road earn money online, and know something? Getting to earn online even a cool $100 each day ain't so hard when you know the ropes.

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